Kayak Mambo Sit on Top

Mambo Sit on Top


Product Details

The Mambo is the ultimate all around kayak; stable,
manoeuvrable and easy to use and store (stackable).
Due to its unique hull design the Mambo and is equally
at home in the surf as it is on flat water A day at the
beach, a relaxing paddle on a river or exploring your
favorite lake; the Mambo does it all.
Surf, day trips, family fun, exercise, nature watching, s
cuba and snorkeling, fishing, easy rivers, flat water.

The Mambo Package comprises
All Standard items +
1 Luxe seat
1 Paddle

Model Specification

Length (cm): 267
Width (cm): 77
Height (cm): 34
Weight (kg): 20
Capacity : 1
Max. Capacity (kg): 130
Available Colours : Sun, Sky, Lime, Grey Storm

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